The FanHandler and ECM Modulator control lines are designed to eliminate comfort complaints that are common to most heating and air conditioning systems. They are designed so that just about every residential and small commercial heating/cooling system can be vastly improved to give unmatched comfort and efficiency. They can convert any furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump to eliminate the old fashioned off/on/up/down cold floor/hot ceiling/ clang/bang/thermal shock from room to room/level to level systems into modern comfort machines that deliver smooth, quiet, draft-free, comfort from room to room, floor to ceiling, level to level and moment to moment. Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality are vastly improved.

If you are a homeowner experiencing drafts, high-speed air noises, uneven temperatures from one part of your home to the other....

If you have a Lexus in the driveway and electric heaters in the kids rooms....

If your definition of "roughing it" is setting the electric blanket to medium....

If you have to turn up the volume on the TV every time your heat or air conditioning system comes on....

....Then this web site will be of vital interest to you.

If you are an HVAC and/or indoor air quality contractor and want to knock the socks off your competition; then you'll want to study this site carefully.


What is FanHandler Inc?

FanHandler Incorporated is an electronics and mechanical engineering company that specializes in developing
and marketing advanced Variable Speed control systems for the HVAC industry. The FanHandler line of temperature
responsive blower and pump speed controls was started in 1953 with mechanical speed controls for belt driven blowers.
In 1961 we introduced our first electronic Variable Speed controls for psc and shaded pole motors for direct drive blowers.
There are many models and voltages of FanHandler controls.
FanHandler Inc. is devoted to home comfort, Indoor Air Quality and efficiency. Before you go further, make a list
of what you would change to make your home more comfortable, then find the solution in this website. Some
surveys show that about 74% of homeowners have one or more complaint about their HVAC system. We say:

You are no longer stuck with equipment that doesn't allow you to use your training and talent to provide a truly comfortable, daft free, noise free and efficient indoor environment for your customers. AND you can even eliminate the inefficient zone bypass dampers!!

Our latest, and wildly successful, control is the ecMModulator which does everything for an ecm motor that the
entire FanHandler line offers, plus a lot more. The ecMModulator makes it possible to replace the psc motor on
any equipment and have one control that is pre-programmed to fit any type of equipment. No guesswork, no dip
switches, no timing questions, no high end tech requirements. And, it can even eliminate the need for the inefficient
bypass damper on zoned systems.