Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the control know when it's in heating or cooling mode?
A: The fan speed is based on temperature, so as the sensor picks up a change in temperature weather it be from the furnace or the AC unit it will begin to pickup speed.
Q: will the coil freeze from the the fan not picking up speed fast enough?
A: No, rememebr the FanHandler controls are continuosly monitoring the temperature and can react much faster then your system.

Where should the sensor(s) be placed?
A: The temperature sensors are placed in the path of the delivered air. It is important to remember when you are deciding on the exact location of the sensors, that they need to get a good sample of the mixed air. We reccomend placing the sensor in the plenum at least 2 feet away from the coil if possible. On an upflow system if the sensor must be placed around a corner, do
NOT place the sensor on the bottom of the duct as the air will blow right over top it. Instead place it near the top of the duct. For a downflow the same applys, but the sensor should be near the bottom of the duct.

Q: Can the control really eliminate the need for the bypass damper?
A: Yes, with the ecMModulator 4Z the fan speed can be limited by duct pressure. This allows multiple zones to be closed off without over pressurizing.
Q: Where can I buy?
A: For HVAC professionals you can buy direct from us. You can place your order by phone: 503-623-8766, Fax: 503-371-3039, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or even online!
To place an online order you first need to setup an account with us. To do this simply register as a contactor and you will then have access to pricing and our online shopping cart.
If you are a home owner just contact your local HVAC professional, and ask about getting a fanhandler system intalled in your home. If they are not farmilliar with us, not a problem, give them our contact info. We will work with whoever you choose, to make your home the most comfortable and effiecnt it has ever been!
Q: Can I use my existing ECM?
A: The ecMModulaor is compatible with variable speed motors that are programmed to accept a PWM input. The control is not compatible with X-13 or other speed tap motors.

Q: With the ecMModulator where should the 24VAC come from/should it come from the thermostat?

A: Ideally the control should be powered with a dedicated transformer, however it can be powered with any good 24VAC power source including that of the G and Ground terminals coming from the thermostat. If that is the case we recommend switching the thermostat to the FAN ON position.
Q: Will modulating the blower motor reduce the motor life expectancy?
A: Good quality motors will actually last longer with the FanHandler PSC controls. This increased motor life is due to the motor continuosly running, instead of the constant on/off cycling of a tradional setup. Many of our customers have been using the controls on there furnaces for 20+ years with the same motor.

Q: Will the OEM psc motors hold up with the fan handler control?
A: Most OEM motors are of much better quality then they used to be due to higher efficiency standards, and they work great with our controls. However there are still some cheap motors out there that can not be modulated. For those we recommend replacing them with either one of our Baldor motors, or any good aftermarket motor such as Emerson or GE. If you are not sure if you have a good motor the best way to know is to simply try it out. If its a poor quality motor then you will know right away by the sound that it makes. If it sounds smooth then great, there's no problem. If it makes a noticeable growling sound then the motor is of poor quality and should be replaced. If you or your customer does not wish to replace the motor, feel free to return the control to us for a full refund.
Q: I have a heat pump with a backup furnace, should I be using the FAC or the HP conrols? (Or in the case of the ecMModlator FAC or HP mode)
A: With this setup, you would want to use the HP control (or HP mode with the ecMModulator).
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  • Whats up Dick!

    My name is Mike from A-Perfect Climate, Inc., out of Addison,IL. I have installed your product probably 12 to 18 times over the years, but not recently. Please forward me an updated price sheet, since I am currently pricing a job with 2 air handlers, that we are adding steam humidifiers and air purifiers to. I am talking to the homeowner about adding the FanHandler in order to make IAQ components more effective.

    Michael Sitarski