FanHandler controls

The FanHandler and ECM Modulator control lines are designed to eliminate comfort complaints that are common to most heating and air conditioning systems. They are designed so that just about every residential and small commercial heating/cooling system can be vastly improved to give unmatched comfort and efficiency. They can convert any furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump to eliminate the old fashioned off/on/up/down cold floor/hot ceiling/ clang/bang/thermal shock from room to room/level to level systems into modern comfort machines that deliver smooth, quiet, draft-free, comfort from room to room, floor to ceiling, level to level and moment to moment. Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality are vastly improved.

If you are a homeowner experiencing drafts, high-speed air noises, uneven temperatures from one part of your home to the other....

If you have a Lexus in the driveway and electric heaters in the kids rooms....

If your definition of "roughing it" is setting the electric blanket to medium....

If you have to turn up the volume on the TV every time your heat or air conditioning system comes on....

....Then this web site will be of vital interest to you.

ECM Modulator

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort experience, combined maximum Energy savings then the ECM Modulator package is right for you. These packages allow you to upgrade existing systems with outdated PSC motors to true variable speed high efficiencey powerhouses with ECM technology.

The ECM 4 Package


The ECM 4Z package for zone systems


FanHandler comfort controls

These controls provide inhanced performace for HVAC sytems and can be used with existing PSC motors.
Find out what the HP-120 can do for your heat pump.
Find out what the FAC-120 can do for your Furnace or ac unit.

FanHandler Low Ambient Controls

These controls are desinged for use with psc condensor fans. THey help to maintan proper head pressure when cooling is required in cold weather.
Find out how the LA-277 can be used as a cool weather chaging tool.

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