I.A.Q. - Indoor Air Quality

IAQ 1There are places where the air is so clear that it seems that you can touch a mountain that is 50 miles away. The air is so full of oxygen that you have to work your way up to taking a deep breath lest you get dizzy. The water is so clear you can see a fish that is 50 feet down and if you take a drink, it's so cold it hurts your teeth. These places are hard to find and if they were easy to find,  everyone would go there. Then it would be like everywhere else. The single best way to begin to regain indoor air (environmental) quality is to have a FanHandler installed in your present HVAC system.
It's probably because you have a heating/air conditioning system that is not set-up to deliver continuous, smooth and draft free comfort. Your system might be one of those that falls far short of delivering comfort. It might be one of those that bangs on and off with dust raising blasts of hot and cold air. If your heating/air conditioning system doesn’t deliver uniform comfort from room to room, floor to ceiling, it is not set up to deliver the best possible indoor air quality. If you have one of these systems, it can be easily updated by installing a FanHandler electronic blower speed control and high quality BALDOR blower motor.
IAQ 2Everything attached to your heating/air conditioning system relies on the blower being on. Once the blower shuts off, so do your filters, electronic air cleaner, humidifier, ultraviolet (germicidal) lights and anything else connected to the system.
IAQ 3When the blower comes banging back on, it kicks up dust, mold spores and anything else lurking in your ductwork. When this material gets back into the high speed air stream, it might end up in the best filter of them all. YOUR LUNGS!!

IAQ 4This is a VERY important fact!
Mold cannot live without moisture. Many off and on fans blow hard enough to spray moisture from the air conditioning coil and down the ducts where it supplies the moisture needed to grow mold.


IAQ 5When the FanHandler is operating, the average blower speed is much slower. This allows more time for UV lights to kill mold spores. Your filters or electronic air cleaner and UV lights operate about three times more efficiently. And, a super important point is that during air conditioning, much more moisture is removed from your home and it is much less likely to be blown off the A/C coil and into the ductwork where it can provide a great environment for mold.



There is a great concern about mold causing devastating health problems. Some of the stories are truly frightening. There have been cases where the problem got so far out of hand that an entire house had to be torn down.

Mold has been around for millions of years, so why is it suddenly a big problem? We think that there are many reasons, some are: tighter construction with looser HVAC specifications, high speed blowers, shoddy workmanship, lackluster maintenance and a sprinkling of buffoons manufacturing, selling, installing and maintaining HVAC systems.

The three main requirements for mold are:

  1. FOOD: Insect parts, hair, pet dander, skin flakes and just about any other organic material that is present in all homes. If your filters don't catch and hold this material, it goes into areas where mold can feed on it.
  2. MOISTURE: Water is present in your air conditioning system. A well managed system will collect this water and send it down a drain and out of harms way. However, some of the high-speed air conditioning blowers blow water off the A/C coil and into your ductwork.
  3. DARK: Mold can't survive in sunlight. One of the best ways of killing mold in you heating/air conditioning system is to add Ultra Violet lamps that will kill the mold.

The FanHandler control can be added to your PRESENT system. Here is how it can help you fight the mold problem.

FIRST, your filters become much more efficient which means less food for the mold.

SECOND, the FanHandler removes more moisture from the air and there is less chance of blowing water off the A/C coil and into the duct work. This deprives the moisture that mold needs to survive.

THIRD, U/V lights become much more efficient because the mold spores that are being carried in the air and past the lights are moving slower which vastly increases the "kill time".

There are other necessary things that need attention. Some of them are: Eliminating leaks in the ducts under floors or in attic spaces. The proper slant to the drip-pan under your A/C's coil. Properly sealed duct insulation and other considerations that your indoor air quality expert can help you with. The thing to remember is that no single product or service can do the job alone. It takes a multi level and consistent approach to achieve true indoor environmental quality.


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